The Jewish Connection (T J C) - Project

A new collaboration by Lisi Estaras, Ido Batash & Meytal Balnaru

Am I a Jew? I surely grown up knowing I’m a Jew. But what makes me a Jew and what does it means to be a Jew? Am I really one of the chosen one called a Jew? Who was the one to choose me to become a Jew? Why this Jew didn’t ask me if I want to become a Jew!? I truly want to meet this Jew, The Jew! Is he a Jew himself? If so, who chose him to be the God of Jews?! As a chosen one, am I allowed to Jews others? As a Jew it means I can choose not be a Jew? So, if a Jew chooses to be a non Jew, is he still jewish in is inner being Jewish blood? Maybe then is a real Jew! Funny Jew, Nobel jew, Noisy Jew. Actually I’m an Arab Jew! Peace out Jew! Just Jew who never chose to be a Jew. Do you wanna join me to be a Jew?! Are you surely know what it means to be a Jew?! Will party out the Jewish you, only if you are truly want to become a Jew. Then we gonna cut your little Jew, and you're not allowed to Jew it out. But at least now you are a Jew. Did you start feeling the stream in your blood Jew? isn't a wonderful feeling brother Jew? I’m already connected to you Jew! Feeling the ecstasy Jew? Feeling the freedom jew? Feeling connected Jew? Now you're being only you Jew? Now I see, Jew? It’s pretty big deal to be a Jew. Thousands of years, it’s heavy pressure Jew! Stop suffer, Jew. What you are not sure anymore if you feel a Jew? Why to doubt the Jew? I feel alone Jew. Can I regret, Jew? Let me be me, ok Jew. Just you who?! Jew. I guess, it will always be me. Jew.


The text above shows the fundamental questions, thoughts and contradictions of my life, since I was a little kid to today.

In my believe, the core of human existence is around two main questions, The First one, Who am I?  The second question is, Who are we?

Nowadays around the world and by looking back in history, we can see clearly the preference of humanity at most, in which is to find an answer for the question, Who are we? And avoiding to find an answer to, Who am I? This happens due the reason of a necessity and attachment to history, tradition, religion and the non stop search after a collective identity. Putting aside the good things it can create and develop,from my personal point of view and life experience, that is as well the source of separation, ignorance, suffering and racism. To be able to receive a clear answer on the question Who am I? I know I have to cope with the sum of the questions above, face and search for new alternatives and perceptions, open up proudly to where I come from, to my roots, to my first source, to truly mingle with the Jewish me, till I reach down to the core of who I am.

What motivates us to make this creation?

Nowadays, the geopolitical situation is changing and reshaping day by day in front of our eyes, following by political statements in which reminding us dark days of history. Knowing where it can go to and how it can end, we see a necessity not to surrender to these populistic propagandas, but to look at everyone’s identities as something in which connects rather than divides.