les ateliers C de la B workshop - 2017 edition 

les ateliers C de la B are ten days of workshops that focus on dance in the hometown of les ballets C de la B, Ghent. With an intensive workshop during the day and an evening program around the studios, les ateliers C de la B are a meeting place for experienced dancers and performers from diverse backgrounds. It’s a unique occasion to experience the company’s methodology and teacher’s knowledge. Initiated by dancer/choreographer Lisi Estaras, the edition of summer 2017 is developed around the theme of ‘empathy’. What do we feel when we watch movement? Do we dance along even without moving? Do we go with the rhythm of the motion we see? Could it be possible that my mind activates identically to yours when you move your hand to reach for something ? What in fact are the boundaries between your feelings and mine, your actions and mine? These questions go as a connecting thread through the ten days. From July 3 to 12, there are workshops by Nicolas Vladyslav, Ido Batash, Quan Bui Ngoc, Lisi Estaras and kabinet K. The first 7 days consist in the choice of one out of the proposed workshops, in which the teacher will work out an investigative course with the participants, inspired by the questions. The last 3 days are oriented towards exchange and experimentation, where all groups will gradually come together. Les ateliers encourage mutual exchanges and sharing. This is also pursued in the evenings where the participants are invited to join for dinner, relaxing sessions, projections, Q&A’s. The dance studios stay opened until 10pm for the participants to share own material and to benefit from personal feedback.


Ido's workshop description

To what am I connected the most? My Body? Your Mind? Your Body? My mind? Why not both or nothing at all? How does it makes you feel? How does it makes me feel? Do you see yourself in me? Where do you find yourself in all of this? Is this all about feeling and emotions or everything ends up with chemical reactions?  These thoughts and contradictions around the theme of empathy, will be explored through series of 'impro-based' exercises, choreographic games and experiments. We start the day with an approach that gradually aligns the body and mind, based on several techniques as floor-work, flying low and Ilan Lev method (a Feldenkrais source). The workshop continues as a personal process for those who want to deepen and challenge their physical, mental and creative approaches and enter to the unexplored. This practice, based on several ways to practically relearn how to trigger the connection between movement quality, spirit, space, action taking, state of mind, awareness and creativity to your-Self and to your perceptions of what is 'dance'. We’ll make one big party and celebrate life. 

For for more info enter: http://www.lesballetscdela.be/#/en/projects/workshops/les-ateliers-c-de-la-b-2017/introduction/